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Traits of likable people

Published: 04.10.2014
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The first 5 minutes of talking to people are always tough but not to people who are easily likable. They are always making a good impression and this is how they do it:

1. Positive Aura
They have a positive attitude which can been seen and felt. They are pleasure to talk to and everyone loves talking to them. They always smile when you are talking to them.

2. Being Genuine
They pay close attention to people whom they are talking to and never try to pretend they know everything. 
When it comes to a different view, they are honest in giving their own opinion without putting others down and will try to understand what they are saying.

3. Open Minded
They are not afraid of doing new things or meeting new people. Even if it leads them to failure, they learn lessons from it rather than brood over it. They befriend people around them and get their contact number. In order to do this, they get out of their comfort zone and build relationship.

4. Providing Solution
Be it big or small, they will pay attention to your problems and help you with it. They will provide you with constructive suggestions or solutions. This also means that they are a great listener. 

5. Remain Compose at all times
They don't over react to things and thus they give people a genuine reaction which is likable by everyone.
Being compose at all times also allows them pay attention to things and people around them.

6. Integrity
You know your secrets are safe with them. They can be trusted and they give honest answer without hurting others.

7. Power of touch
Touching is a form of art, it forms a better bond with someone when appropriate touch is used. They pat your shoulder and shake hands with you when asking about your day.

8. Showing Strength
They are not afraid to showcase their talent. If he/she is good at singing or dancing, he/she will not afraid to perform to entertain others.

9. Compliment
You will realize they give compliment at appropriate times. Everyone loves to be reaffirm, be it about their looks or personality. They are the one who gives you the compliment to reaffirm that fact which makes people feels good.

10. Making Effort
They are the ones who make the first move, talking to strangers and befriend them. They initiate jokes to crack the group up

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