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Published: 14.10.2014
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In episode 216, the Running Man members transform into superheroes! With the Earth’s fate at stake, will the Running Man members succeed in saving it?

In the meanwhile, as you are caught in this dilemma, check out our top 10 moments from this week’s episode below! 😀 Warning: spoilers ahead

1. Kwang-vatar’s appearance


As noted before, Kwang-vatar finally makes his debut! Mimicking the original Avatar’s first steps, Kwangsoo accurately portrays that with his signature “squeaky” movements.

2. Jitman’s one weakness


After proclaiming to the elementary school children that he, Batman, cannot be hurt, Sukjin proffered his padded chest and abs for the students to hit. However, one boy aimed a bit too low as he kicked Sukjin in between the legs…where there was no padding. Ouch!

3. Ha Gildong’s support cheer!


Hong Gildong? Han Gildong? Ha Gildong?

Haha, dressed as Korean character Hong Gil Dong, asks the student to cheer him on as he looked through the wall of books to complete his mission. However, the student didn’t quite know what his name is, as he cheered the wrong name, twice. 

It’s okay, we would have been a bit flustered too if a Running Man member came to our aid if we needed help!

4. Jaesuk’s superhuman speed~


Running Flying from person to person, Jaesuk tells his VJ that he, Yoo-perman, is too fast for regular humans to catch up to, and demonstrates his skill by playfully sneaking down and escaping the VJ’s camera’s range.

So…Yoo-perman to the rescue?

5. And YOU get a thumbkiss from Jaesuk!


Amidst his excitement of completing his first superhero mission, Jaesuk gave the twins a rare “Jaesuk memento”: thumb kisses on their foreheads. It was a hilariously, cringe-worthy moment for us~

6. Kwang-vatar’s state shocks students


Travelling around in the city with his Avatar garb (poor him), he sits down, unnoticed by a few girls at a bus stop. A girl unsuspectedly turns around, sees Kwang-vatar, in his blue 6 feet glory, and screams in shock. 

Perhaps Kwang-vatar would feel more at home in Pandora.

7. A new hero is born: Elvis Presley?


Time to play “spot the differences between The Wolverine and Elvis Presley”

Kim Jongkook mentioned to his fellow cast how he was mistaken for renown singer Elvis Presley whenever he took off his Wolverine claws. Well, we guess he has a good point…they both have upwards styled hair, sideburns, and humongous muscles. Wait…that may just be Jongkook’s actual muscles ㅋㅋㅋ

8. Kwangvatar’s faux “Hero Courage” challenge!


Blindfolding him, the Running Man PDs got a good laugh after tricking Kwangsoo into thinking that he would be crossing the narrow beam which lies across the 5 story buildings. 

Luckily for Kwangsoo, a whole segment was dedicated to him, which showed his nervous whimpers as he barely crawled to the end of this “treacherous” path. 

9. Yoo-perman’s challenge with Kwangsoo’s taunts


This time, Kwangsoo was able to join in on the fun as he was taunting Jaesuk during his “Hero Courage” test. With shaky knees and a pained expression on his face, Jaesuk barely makes it across the beam. 

Perhaps Yoo-perman feels more comfortable staying on the ground instead of flying.

10. Let’s continue to Jitman’s challenge!


With the Running Man members’ “support,” Sukjin gave up, and failed his easy difficult courage testing challenge. When he realized that the challenge was a trick, he mentally collapsed, saying how his son would be watching this.

Bonus: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Kwang-vatar?


After Running Man regain their superpowers, Kwangsoo decides to test his newfound flying ability. Except…Avatars can’t fly…so he ultimately crashes into a nearby bush. sigh… -shakes head- silly Kwangsoo!

What were your favorite moments in this episode? Who was your favorite superhero? Let us know in the comments below 😀

Credits: Koreaboo

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