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They Were Invited To Hang Out With Friends. Instead, It Was Their Own Funeral.

Published: 08.09.2014
Reading time: 3 minutes


Powerful. You have to watch this at least once. From the creators of the video: 

Virtually no one feels it is dangerous to drive a few km/h faster than the maximum speed limit. However, even this "slight" speeding kills and injures hundreds of people every year. And we tend to ignore the many lives of people close to us that are devastated as well. To slow down their loved ones before it is too late, people in this film set up an unusual wake-up call. They invited their speeding friend or family member to their own funeral. The emotional reality check was caught on (hidden) camera.

The following video is in French. NOTE: Inside the video player, after you play the video, make sure "CC" (closed captioning) is turned ON to view English subtitles.

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