There Is A Spa That Caters Exclusively To Babies And It’s Almost Too Cute To Handle (Photos)


A spa in Houston, TX, is marketing itself exclusively to babies. Well, their parents, too.

 FloatBabies is the project of Kristi Ison, a certified infant massage instructor. The spa offers “float” tubs for infants who are too young to walk, allowing them to stimulate their muscles in new ways and encourage development.

Ison says that the watery environment seems natural to babies after nine months in the womb.

Massage, on the other hand, improves infants’ circulatory systems and helps their growing bodies. Parents are welcome to come and try their hand at baby massage techniques during their son or daughter’s one-hour session.

Whether or not Ison’s about to spark a baby spa craze, these images are irresistibly adorable.

Source: Elitedaily

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