Thai student discovers a clever solution for killing cockroaches


ISAAN:– Jenjira Ponyong, a Prathom 6 student from Pracha-anukro Primary School, Kalasin province has invented a unique solution for killing cockroaches.

The student created  the solution by experimenting with 3 basic ingredients: cement powder, rice flour and Ovaltine powder.

Once the solution is mixed it is put in a place where the cockroaches usually roam together alongside a tray of water.

Janjira summarized the thought process behind creating the solution:

1. Ovaltine powder attracts the cockroaches.

2. The rice flour causes the cockroaches to be thirsty.

3. Once the cement powder mixed with water it will become hardened and caused death to cockroaches.


Comparing to general pesticide, her solution does not use any chemical which will contaminate the environment or affect people.

A big thumbs up for the student for creating kryptonite for cockroaches!

Source: Sing-Ar-Sa
Credits: ThaiVisa

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