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Terminally ill SAF Commander Marries in Uniform on Hospital Bed

Published: 27.10.2014
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This is not your usual love stories. the couple in this picture and gone through a struggle you will never experience. Their endless love shows us the power of love and the true meaning of love. 

Reported by The Real Singapore:

Terminally ill Joseph and Edna exchanged their wedding vows on 15 Oct in Singapore General Hospital (SGH), while he was in the hospital bed.

A few hours after the wedding ceremony, he slipped into a coma. He passed away 8 days later.
Joseph was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer, a few months before their wedding. 

His condition worsened, but instead of cancelling the wedding, they decided to hold it where Joseph was -- in the hospital bed.

In the video, he changed out of the hospital's gown into his SAF CDO No. 1 Uniform for the wedding.
Family members and friends gathered around his hospital bed, and witnessed the exchange of wedding vows and rings.

The video montage was created by Joseph's buddy, Ho Kah Meng.

Credits: Therealsingapore

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