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Published: 03.12.2014
Watch how this women's dog help her out in her daily life
Sometimes it is really amazing to see what a dog can do. In this case, Gizmo, an incredible service dog who is helping out his owner Gene Guiraud in her daily life. Gene Guiraud has difficulty getting around thus help is needed for her daily ...
Published: 24.11.2014
The Most Important 20 Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman (Part 2)
Being a man today is like your average Facebook relationship status: it’s friggin’ complicated. Women are more emancipated than ever, and this social change has given men the freedom to explore all facets of their lives be it in their careers, ...
Published: 24.11.2014
20 Most Important Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman (Part 1)
Times have changed and so have the rules. Being a gentleman today does not mean laying your jacket over a puddle for women to walk over (unless you want to be labelled a nutter) or repressing your emotions in order to be seen as “manly”. So what ...
Published: 23.11.2014
This Is One Of The Most Unique Stress Therapy You Will See.
Soul Pancake invited stressed strangers into a big glass box for a break and some free therapy.  After walking in, they sit down on a pillow, put on headphones, and are instructed to close their eyes. The guided meditation starts, and ...
Published: 19.11.2014
Do You Know The Meaning Behind Wearing Your Ring On Different Fingers?
Rings are just a fashion accessory for many individuals. At other times, they are worn as symbols of marriage and other relationships. But other people consider ring placement in more depth: the finger where a ring is worn and the hand on which it is placed ...
Published: 19.11.2014
Tony Hawk Riding a Real Hoverboard
Greg and Jill Henderson, the couple behind the Kickstarter campaign of Hendo Hoverboards, have built a metal-lined hoverpark in Silicon Valley, where Hawk tests out their new invention. Hendo’s hover technology relies on magnets, which ...