Watch how this women’s dog help her out in her daily life


Sometimes it is really amazing to see what a dog can do. In this case, Gizmo, an incredible service dog who is helping out his owner Gene Guiraud in her daily life. 

Gene Guiraud has difficulty […]

The Most Important 20 Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman (Part 2)


Being a man today is like your average Facebook relationship status: it’s friggin’ complicated. Women are more emancipated than ever, and this social change has given men the freedom to explore all facets of their […]

20 Most Important Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman (Part 1)


Times have changed and so have the rules. Being a gentleman today does not mean laying your jacket over a puddle for women to walk over (unless you want to be labelled a nutter) or […]

The Secret Behind BOSS Bottled, Hugo Boss’ Bestselling Fragrance-AugustMan

More than 15 years after its first release, Hugo Boss’ BOSS Bottled continues to remain one of the most enduring fragrances for men. August Man was privileged to get a preview of the new campaign starring Gerard Butler in London.


Watch Russian ‘GHOST CAR’ appear from nowhere and cause crash on busy road


A mysterious video showing a car appear from nowhere has left Russian drivers scratching their heads.

The video – captured on a dashboard camera – appears to show a black BMW turn left into a busy […]

This Is One Of The Most Unique Stress Therapy You Will See.


Soul Pancake invited stressed strangers into a big glass box for a break and some free therapy. 


After walking in, they sit down on a pillow, put […]

You Will Not Believe What You See In This Video, A Truck That Appeared From Nowhere And Caused a Major Accident.


If you a timid driver, do not watch this video. This video shows a truck colliding with another truck that came out of nowhere. Don’t believe? watch the video yourself.

The creepy part […]

Do You Know The Meaning Behind Wearing Your Ring On Different Fingers?


Rings are just a fashion accessory for many individuals. At other times, they are worn as symbols of marriage and other relationships. But other people consider ring placement in more depth: the finger where a […]

Tony Hawk Riding a Real Hoverboard


Greg and Jill Henderson, the couple behind the Kickstarter campaign of Hendo Hoverboards, have built a metal-lined hoverpark in Silicon Valley, where Hawk tests out their new invention. Hendo’s hover technology relies on magnets, which means the hoverboard […]