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Not enough sleep -singapore

Published: 03.09.2014
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The Lion City is still on the list. According to a recently research released to The Wall Street Journal by Jawbone’s UP fitness tracker that trace your activity, diet and sleep. Singapore made it to the list again with 6 hours 32 mins average sleep per day.



#1 Work and School life
Your employment contract may state that your working hours varies from time to time. Some may state 8 hours a day. But all these did not include the overtime and after office entertainment hours. Ask your friends around and you will know that the human resources department is a good example, they do overtime most often. Have the sales department told you about their entertainment and public relation?
The competitiveness between the individuals made everyone work twice as hard. 

#2 Culture and Habits
As we know Singapore is famous for their night spot, many activities starts late.
A normal day for a Singaporean ends around 6pm to 8pm. Many will head out for dinner, drinks or Supper.

There might be some reasons we cannot control but when there is a will there's a way.
Adjust your life to have a healthy lifestyle, lack of sleep can cause serious harm to the body.

#3 IT Gadget
Still trying to beat your friend's high score on Candy Crush in the middle of the night? 
Many of us sleep late as we are occupied with our mobile phones on Facebook or games right before we sleep and we regret it the next morning but the cycle repeats again.

Set a sleeping time and mobile phones should be unreachable from your bed. You deserved an undisturbed rest after a long day at work. Since mobile phone is unreachable from you bed, its easier for you to wake up to snooze your alarm from it too. 

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