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Mah Jong: What is Your Character? 

Published: 02.10.2014
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Mah Jong is popular among the Chinese, usually by four people, with 136 or 144 rectangular pieces called tiles. This game can be very complicated. It involves strategies and emotion and this can tell a lot about your character. Let's find out more about the different kind of players.

1. Discard almost immediately after drawing card,
You don't really think so much because you are already prepared. You plan ahead and never regret.
You seldom throw temper when you lose money.

2. Take a long time to discard after drawing card,
You are not trust worthy and you are indecisive. In love or friendship you are always the follower, you can provide suggestions but not decisions.

3. Throw temper when you don't game for a few rounds.
Temperamental, You like to blame others for your own mistakes. Definitely you are the kind that pay unwillingly when you lose. 

4. Always hitting fresh cards and even towards the end.
Love taking both calculated and not calculated risk. You are not afraid to face the consequence. you are more than willing to pay for experience.

5. Quiet, only speak when needed.
You are there for a reason, usually you are the last leg. You have deep thoughts and you only socialised with people you already know. You can be a great listener in life. 

6. Always have a reason when hitting the wrong card.
NATO, No Action Talk Only. You speak more than action. You tend to do before you think. You're a bad decision maker in life. You have full of regrets and full of excuses. 

7. Always Guarding even when you have the chance to win.
You are someone that can be trusted. You will never let out secret in any kind of situation. You're a good listener and good husband. 

8. You have the money to pay but always want put on credit.
You are calculative and selfish. Most of the people you know need to give in to you. You are a good accountant but a bad "financial-planning" person.

9. Always cracking Jokes, winning or losing doesn't matter.
You are just there for joy and laughter. Catching up with friends and socialising. If you are hook up, you can be the best bf/gf or best-friend for a long time.

10. Always commenting how others play their card.
You have a lot potential in life but you will have many haters as well. Managerial roles suits you most. you should remember to give in when needed not because you are wrong but to make things go on.

11. Super excited when you "GANG SHANG ZI MO"
Easily satisfied but very passionate lover. You are easy to predict which can be good and bad in life. When you are unhappy, you won't hide. 

12. Leaving game half-way without valid or good reason.
You can't keep promises and you are self-centred. You don't really care about how others feel. You are the kind that people will leave your life one by one. 

13. Like to draw Cards before others discard and don't follow sequence.
You don't trust others and you are anxious. You think that no one can help you other than yourself. You have very little faith in life. You prefer shopping or do your work alone in life.

14. Discard before Drawing
You don't like to follow rules. You can either be a good entrepreneur or a very notorious underground dealer. 

15. Always late for game
You just simply don't have time management. People do not respect you and sometimes they just get sick of you. Something good about you is that you are friendly to people.

16. Throwing Chips or Cards
You are lazy and you want the best when you do not contribute anything, You are the worst kind of friends out of all. 

Credit: Weixin

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