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INTERESTING: Babysitters Imagined Every Insane Scenario That Could Go Wrong. 

Published: 16.10.2014
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This Photoshop project came about when the couple, who had never babysat their friends’ kid before, decided to play with the question, ‘What’s the worst thing that can go wrong?’

Leaving your kids alone with people who have never watched them can be the source of a lot of nerves, even if those babysitters happen to be good friends. When a friend asked Erica and Hannes, an engaged couple in Zurich, Switzerland, to watch after his infant son for a full day and night, they were a little nervous.

Andre, the father of the 6-month-old baby named Alex gave the couple an “extensive briefing” on what to do. To calm their nerves, they asked themselves what the worst thing that could happen was and then let their imaginations go wild. They decided to document these worst-case scenarios and send the photos to Alex’s parents.

The Photoshop project features baby Alex in all sorts of perilous scenarios–none of which, you’ll see, are extremely likely. Hannes called it a win-win-win, as the babysitters had fun (and were able to relax a little). Can you imagine being away from your child and seeing these pop up on your phone??

These silly imaginings were their hourly updates for Andre and his partner, Nati, who were away at a wedding.


“It was our first time to look after him for a full day and night,” Hannes told BuzzFeed on their brief nervousness that inspired the photos.


Since both him and Erica are designers, “doing quick Photoshop blurbs takes little time,” he added.


In response to critical Reddit commenters insisting that the couple should have focused more on the child and less on the computer, Hannes replied that they all had fun and he’s OK with not having been a perfect babysitter.

He said:

True, we didn’t teach the kid how to read that day. We also didn’t expand his brain by playing classical music nonstop. We didn’t feed him an immune system boosting meal every 15 minutes. But he survived, giggled a lot was looked after the entire time by the two of us and went to bed at 7.30PM perfectly happy. And we will show him these pics in maybe 10 years or so and say: ‘Young man, we had an awesome time together that day.’

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Credits: Vamshare

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