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If You Hate Your Job Then You Should Quit. But Do It Like These 7 EPIC People. Awesome!

Published: 20.10.2014
Reading time: 11 minutes


Hate your job? Ever wish you could just tell your boss off and walk out with your head held high? Well, maybe you can live vicariously through these people because HOLY MOLEY, did they have epic ways to quit their jobs.

So sit back, read these stories of people quitting their jobs and day dream about how you are going to do it. Because we know you really want to…

1.) The Gamer


A programming company called 2K saw one of their employees quit by making a Mario level designed to show the words “I Quit!” whenever the player scored points in the game.

2.) The IT Guy


Fed up with how his boss was treating him, one designer quit his job by utilizing the very skills he was hired for having and creating this modified error message explaining what happens next. We’re surprised he’s even asking them to renegotiate his contract after making such a bold move. But maybe he had something on his boss that could lead to a higher pay raise.

3.) The Taco Bell Guy


Well, that’s pretty bold and out there. Fed up after working 22 days straight and being denied a day off after he requested one, this disgruntled Taco Bell employee decided to make his business known to everyone when he put up this profane sign for all to see. I think his point got across.

4.) The Weed Enthusiast


This happened quite recently. A news reporter doing a profile of the local marijuana club outed herself as the President of the club. She finished her report stating what the group stands for and then saying “F*ck it, I quit.” and walking off the set. It left fellow anchors stunned and confused as to move forward.

5.) The Flight Attendant


This Jet Blue employee got into quite a kerfuffle with a passenger. He cussed the passenger out after he was irked, and procured a beer from the snack tray, began drinking it, opened the emergency chute and slid down it off the plane. He was arrested shortly after but I’m sure it was worth it.

6.) The Banker


Greg Smith wrote a piece in The New York Times detailing his experience at Goldman Sachs and why he was quitting. He felt that the bank continually was taking advantage of their clients and he wanted no part of it anymore. What better way to stick it to the man than to have it published nationally?

7.) The Bookworm


These Borders employees had a final sendoff when they heard their store was closing down. They listed all of their complaints about the customers on this giant scroll-like parchment for all to read. I’m sure people were offended but who cares? They were never going to work there again anyway.

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