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Here's how you whiten your teeth at home in minutes

Published: 27.10.2014
Reading time: 4 minutes


There are 6 main causes of tooth discolouration: 

  • Red wine
  • tea/coffee
  • soft drinks (including carbonated drinks)
  • cigarettes
  • sweets  
  • antibiotics. 

Check out how you can whiten your teeth with 2 simple ingredients!

So if you feel you are somewhat addicted to one or more on it, try to avoid it.
Here are the two simple ingredients you will need:
1. Lemon/ Lime
2. Baking Soda

Caution: Please do not over do it as it may lead to you weakening your enamel. Once a week is recommended, try several weeks to see how it works!

Check out her youtube video for proper demonstration.

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