Christian Bale to cast as Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming biographical film


Based on the Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson, Batman star, Christian Bale will play the role as Steve Jobs. 

The biopic (biographical motion picture), will be directed by Aaron Sorkin is who is an Academy and Emmy Award winning American screenwriter, producer, and playwright. His works include A Few Good MenThe American PresidentThe Social NetworkMoneyball etc.

Bale was refer as a “phenomenal actor” by Sorkin during a Bloomberg’s interview. He cast Bale without even an audition. ‘What we needed was the best actor,’ said Sorkin. Bale won an Oscar for his supporting role in “The Fighter” in 2010. He was nominated for Oscar in 2013 for “American Hustle”.

A similar film, “Jobs”, was released in August 2013 starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. The film was about Job’s career during college and the invention of iPod in 2001. 

In Sorkin’s version of the film, it will focus more on the speeches that Steve Jobs has given during his career.

Bale is known for going through physical transformation to fit his role, though there’s a big differences between a muscular Batman and a skinny Steve Jobs, it shouldn’t be a problem for Christian Bale.

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