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Beggars Chop off hooves and Force Water Bottles into Camel's Throat (VIDEO)

Published: 21.10.2014
Reading time: 8 minutes


Beggars in the recent years have became more professional. They can be a very good marketing associate and Actor. Recently a video where a beggar forced a water bottle into a camel had hit 37 million views in two days. 

According to Shanghaiist:

Recently, a number of online pictures have exposed this practice. According to Tencent, beggars have been spotted employing these unfortunate camels throughout China, kneeling down alongside them and begging for money.

The most recent images of two beggars exploiting an injured camel come from Fuzhou. Shanghai Daily reports that when police arrived to find the camel laying by the roadside and investigated, they found the camel had no hooves and wounds that indicated they had been deliberately cut.

An article from Fuzhou News in April reported that the pair makes hundreds of RMB in just a couple hours for practicing this kind of cruelty.

The wild camel is one of the most endangered large mammals on the planet, and supposedly strictly protected by the Chinese government. There are only around 600 left in the Gobi Desert of northwest China, and 800 in the deserts of Mongolia. Check out The Wild Camel Protection Foundation to learn more.

The Pictures and Video below shows how the beggars beg for money on the street.


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