9 Steps To be More Attractive for guys

#1 Skip short-sleeve shirts and roll up your long sleeves


Instead of wearing short sleeve shirts, start learning the right way to
roll your sleeves. Guides here

#2 Invest in a tailored suit.


Tailored Suits is worth investing in. They are part of the important marketing tool you should have.
Visit this link for more details.

#3 To look more professional.


To look more professional and put together, don’t forget about collar stays.
You can read up more on this here

#4 Don’t do this:


You thought contrasting colors will be nice but that’s not the case.

#5 Buy clothes that fit you.


If you can’t understand the picture, you need to see the doctor.

#6 Follow this simple shoe-belt rule.


This is a rule to follow.
Read more here

#7 If you have weird hairs, pluck them.


BUT DO NOT GO CRAZY WITH THIS. Plucking is addictive and if you’re not careful
you could end up with tiny ’90s brows or no brows or weird patterns on your
chest or your nips. ~Scary~. If you don’t have tweezers, nail clippers will do
the trick too.

#8 Don’t shave first thing in the morning.


Give your skin time to wake up first. Your face may be a little puffy when you
first get up, and by waiting 10 or 15 minutes, you’ll probably end up doing less

#9 But use cologne sparingly.


Cologne should enhance your naturally awesome pheromones, not completely stink
up every room you enter. Don’t drown yourself in it — just give yourself a
couple light sprays, and you’re good to go.

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