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4 factors to consider before you sign the contract.

Published: 09.09.2014
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As we know that working in different places gives us different experience. 
After your graduation if you're looking into a long term contract with a company, this can be a very good guide. From my experience in the labour force for years, these are the 4 factors I've found out that is responsible for our satisfactory in our daily working life. At least 3 of these points should satisfy you, else my suggestion to you is to look for another job.

#1 Your Payroll
Most people like me wishes to work in a high paying job with the least effort put in. There's such a job in this world but the demand and supply ratio is 10000 : 1. So in the modern world, most of us are paid according to our experience, skills and educational levels, some paid for their looks and characteristic.
Why will payroll affect us, because this payroll will cater to our needs and satisfactory after work.
The higher the payroll, the higher you can be satisfied away from work.

#2 Your Work Scope
Different people love doing different things. Most people like to do things that they are good in, but in order to gain new experience people are willing to try new things. In this modern world you need to not only finish things within your own scope but more than what your scope tells you to. An excessive of such additional work can affect your overall satisfactory level. Doing something you like is very important because this will be what you are doing everyday.

#3 Your Colleagues and Boss
This group of people plays a big part of your work life. I bet many of us have met those nasty kind especially in sales industry because it's competitive. One very good example, when they couldn't finish their work in time, boss will make you help them. These people affect us because the fact we have to face them everyday no matter what. The things they do and say will in one way affect us. Having a group of good boss and colleagues is very important.

#4 Your Time
It's not healthy to have a long work time. We all need our social time to keep ourselves refresh. An average of 6 to 8 hours of work per day is consider healthy, a research in the States shows that a brain most productive time during work is the first two hours, anything after that will make you work slower. And a brain that work more than 8 hours without proper rest will partially Shut down. Developed countries like Singapore, Korea, Japan and United states are the top list of the Stress Chart. Their average Work time is 7 to 12 hours.

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