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Published: 14.10.2014
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Following is list of top 10 wedding offline tools that you can download to help you in planning your wedding in Singapore. Click and download each of the attachment which is either in excel or PDF format. 

Thanks to KiasuBride for this awesome guide.

Overall Wedding Planning Tool (12 months to Actual Day) – MUST HAVE for all Singaporean

On top of the top 10 list is this overall wedding planning tool in excel. This excel allow you to plan your wedding from 12 months to the actual wedding date. It give you an overview of what you need to do at different time period. Created in excel spreadsheet, you can easily add, edit and delete each event.
Click Here to Download File

Wedding Guest List and Seating Planner
Download this sample file to help you arrange where your guests shall be sitting during your wedding banquet
Click Here to download File

Ang Bao Rates for Helpers on Actual Day
How many ang bao do you need to prepare on your actual wedding date? This file shall give you the answer.
Click Here to download File

Budget Planner for Singapore Brides
Wedding can be expensive. This excel allow you to monitor all your wedding spending so that you will not go out of allocated budget
Click Here to download File

An Chuang Things
Wonder what to buy for this Chinese custom and tradition, download the list of items needed for your An Chuang procedure
Click Here to download File

Bridal Package Checklist
Bring along this secret guide that will be a great help when negotiating bridal packages in Singapore. Find out what is included and not included before signing your wedding packages
Click Here to download File

Detail Wedding Plan 3 months before Actual Day
Your actual wedding date is in 3 months time, a detail planning on what is required 3 months before your actual wedding day
Click Here to download File

Guo Da Li Checklist
Wondering what you need to buy for this Chinese custom and tradition, find out in this attachment
Click Here to download File

Actual Day Planning Guide
This sample show you how to plan your schedule on your actual wedding day.
Click Here to download File

Credits: KiasuBride

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  • Joey Wong
    Published: 03.03.2017 Reply to the message

    Hi there! i came across your blog many years regarding "10 tools to help you plan your wedding in singapore" unfortunately, the links to download those file for reference are unable to view anymore..

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