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HDB Walk in wardrobe - singapore

Published: 02.09.2014
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With a fixed and "Standard Sized" house, it's not easy to find a perfect spot to place your wardrobe.
No worries, with more ideas and brainstorming anything can be done.
Here are 6 ideas you can take reference:

#1 Partition one part of your bedroom


Simple, small partition, like this one created by Dwell Interiors, can give you the space of an entire wall to store your clothes and fashion knick knacks.
The large entryways allow ventilation into your closet, but can be easily covered and hidden with sheet curtains.

#2 Behind your bed


Just like what Project File has done here, you can place your wardrobe behind your bed, hiding it behind a partition that doubles as a full-length headboard. Not only does it help to hide clutter, it adds a unique touch to the space.

#3 Don't hide it, flaunt it!


Why hide your goodies? Do what Soho Design Partnership has done and display your favourite pieces with a custom shelf.
Keeping them in a cool, well-ventilated part of the home will prevent them from getting mouldy too.

#4 Convert your adjoining bedroom


JQ Ong helped turn this bedroom into a huge walk-in wardrobe.
With the space of a spare bedroom on hand, you can even site an accessories display cabinet in the middle.

#5 Use your wardrobe as a divider


Faced with a ridiculously small bedroom, Three-D Conceptwerkz turned the hallway divider into a headboard and a wardrobe. Crafted the right way, the storage unit also becomes a decorative piece.

#6 Tuck it into a corner


A small corner for your wardrobe might work out for the better as Design Channel has shown here. The corner offers more sides to place drawers and shelving. Hide it with a beaded curtain like this owner did or use a sliding door to save space.

Source: Homeanddecor

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