Stylish smart women bracelet by Intel


Intel has unveiled a new smartwatch targeting at stylish and fashion-conscious women. The smartwatch, My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA), is developed in conjunction with fashion company Opening Ceremony. It has 18 -karat gold, snakeskin bands and pearls with a curved 1.6 OLED screen.

The smartwatch itself is not needed to sync with any phone to function. It comes with 2 years of wireless service with AT&T and has its own mobile line. 

Users can respond to text and email via the screen of the watch and see Google and Facebook event. 

The watch also has access to restaurant reviews and appointment reminders thanks to partnerships with Yelp and TomTom. Intel claims it can get two days worth of battery life, a sticking point with other smartwatches.

The MICA will go on sale for $495 exclusively at Opening Ceremony and Barneys before the holiday season.

Source: time

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