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‘Sea Chair’, A Short Film About Building Furniture From Plastic Garbage Found Floating In The Ocean (Video)

Published: 16.10.2014
Reading time: 4 minutes


The ‘Sea Chair’ is made entirely from plastic recovered from our oceans. In collaboration with Kieren Jones, Studio Swine has created devices to collect and process marine debris into a series of stools.


The number of plastic pieces in the oceans has tripled in the last ten years. Since the discovery of the Pacific Garbage Patch in 1997, which is predicted to measure twice the size of Texas, five more have been found across the world’s oceans with the Atlantic gyre predicted to be even larger. The plastic takes thousands of years to degrade, remaining in the environment to be broken up into ever smaller fragments by ocean currents.

Winner of Second Prize in European Short Film Category, Young Director Award 2014 in Cannes.

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