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Published: 30.10.2014
Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Special Edition: Beats by Dre
Attention all Hello Kitty lovers! To commemorate Hello Kitty 40th anniversary, Sanrio has team up with Apple's Beats by Dre to release a special edition Hello Kitty headphone.The special edition will be using Beat's Solo 2 and urBeats. The design will feature ...
Published: 28.10.2014
What your watch says about you
Are you a fan of luxury watch? Do you always wear a specific brand of it? If that's the case, check out what your watch can say about you.   RolexThe man who wears a Rolex knows he can do no wrong with a watch from this legendary brand. When ...
Published: 27.10.2014
100-year-old notebook found inside Antarctic's ice
A 100 year old notebook belonging to British explorer George Murray Levick has been found in the ice of Antarctica. George Murray Levick, a zoologist, surgeon and photographer, is a part of a 6 man team of Capt. Rober Falcon Scott who are on a ...
Published: 23.10.2014
The World's Largest Underwater Sculpture
"Ocean Atlas" is the world's largest underwater sculpture by Jason deCaires. The sculpture is 18-feet-tall, weigh 60 tons and it shows a young Bahamian girl supporting the ceiling of the ocean on her shoulders."Ocean Atlas" is created with pH-neutral marine ...
Published: 21.10.2014
DIY Cactus Cupcakes
Fancy creating artistic cupcakes? Let Alana Jones-Mann, a baker, culinary artist and DIY enthusiast in Brooklyn teach you how.If cacti cupcake cuteness is for you, check out her blog post on the DIY tutorial steps on how to create your ...
Published: 20.10.2014
Walking Dead Advert: The Bus-Stop Prank (VIDEO)
We’ve previously seen AMC’s brilliant prank ad for its hit series The Walking Dead featuring an underground horde of zombie actors scaring New Yorkers. To promote the fifth season of the television show, Sky ...
Published: 20.10.2014
What will happen if Wall-E meets Christopher Nolan? 
A teen filmmaker, Bobby Burns, has applied Christopher Nolan's style from the upcoming movie "interstellar" to Pixar's "Wall-E". With careful selection of scenes and powerful editing, the trailer is quite a good imitation ...
Published: 17.10.2014
Changes with the living room over the years
Clever ad by Philips on the changes of the living room over the centuries but not the light bulb. Our homes have changed radically over the past century. So why do we still use lighting that's based on 19th century technology? Well, that's all about ...