You Will Not Believe How These Creative Rings Look Like


Rings can be a fashionable item to many people hence over the decades different kind of rings appeared in the market. These are very unique and special rings we have compiled. There is one with […]

Time-lapse 4k video of Earth from a weather satellite

Cute mum and daughter yoga workout

Photos: facebook

Art with things used daily


Javier Perez, also known as Cintascotch is known for his simple doodles and art from everyday life. Perez feels that people need a break from the high saturation photo world of Instagram and has decided […]

Real life South Park


Ever wondered how South Park will look like if human played it?

The recent episode revealed what Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny might look like if they were humans and not cartoon.

The episode’s plot uses Oculus Rift […]

Encounters: A stunning Aurora time-lapse video


A time lapse video of the northern lights captured by Stian Rekdal using Nikon D800 / Nikon 14-24mm / Nikon 10.5mm f2.8 / Samyang 24mm f1.4.

The northern lights, or Aurora, are the visual […]

Top 10 Best Headphones


Christmas is just round the corner and if you are figuring out what to give, do consider these top 10 headphones and earphones which can be an ideal present for the special one.