18 Cool Design Features Hidden On Stuff You Use Every Day

It turns out that there are awesome easter eggs hidden on the items you use every day. We asked our readers to […]

World’s most durable ball


The One World Futbol is a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat—even when punctured multiple times. Whether for use on the street, at the beach, at home or on […]

Clever logo design with a secret meaning


How many times have you take a close look at famous logos?
Although they do look simple, but these are logos designed to hide subliminal and secret messages.
Graphic designing has been brought to a […]

FISH don’t SWIm, They FLY.

Yes, these are flying fishes. we call them the Air swimmer.
Control all these fishes using a remote. They are all helium filled.
They literally “swim” through the air in such a serene manner it really is quite
beautiful […]

Impressive tooth SCULPTURE 

The sculptures on these teeth, however, are nothing short of awesome. I never thought I’d see the Colosseum carved into a molar, […]

Mini Beer Pong Kit

Beer Pong Fans, this is for you! easy to bring around, easy to
Keep.Fast Set up, Less mess and stress!
Perfect mini size for tabletop, cooler-top, and ice shanty play
Introduces new pong technology like ball launchers and tethered […]

Let Mario Light Up Your Life

Are you planning to set up your room with some interesting lights?
This will be a great idea, it’s a very unique piece.

-Colored translucent acrylic
– Beautiful, large lamp 16.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″
– Energy efficient bulb included
– Long […]

peeling for a new world by YOY

Wonderful concept that gives a feeling that a new world is
opening up by peeling the surface of the wall.
Good idea for new homes. stylish and practical.
Others colors available,
check out Here

Lock your Wine Bottle

Afraid that your precious wine will be stolen by
some strangers that visit your house?
This is a wonderful creation that will keep your mind safe.
Fits most of the standard bottles.

Find out more Here