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Must read Feng Shui in Mahjong

Published: 03.12.2014
Reading time: 5 minutes


Do you know Feng Shui can help to increase your chance of winning a game if you do it right?

Here are some Feng Shui tips to help to boost your luck on the Mahjong table.

1. Choose the seat that is facing the main door because that is the place to welcome God of Wealth. Avoid sitting with your back facing the main door.

2. Do not allow anyone to sit on your right as this brings bad luck. An observer on your left is acceptable.

3. Choose the seat that is back facing a solid wall for support.

4. Make sure the place you are seated is well lit. A bright light directly above you brings you good luck as long as it is not glaring. Avoid sitting below spotlights because it brings too much Yang energy.

5. Do not choose the seat near to the toilet or back facing the toilet door

6. Do not sit directly underneath an overhead beam.

7. Keep 3 coins tied with red thread in your wallet to attract good luck or place the coins among your chips to energize them.

Below is an explanation of the above tips.

Source: FengShuiBeginner

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