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Mighty Mug: The mug that doesn't topple and spill

Published: 08.10.2014
Reading time: 3 minutes


Most people have a habit of  drinking coffee and other beverage as they work, but we are always constantly afraid of spilling them onto our precious laptop, computer or important documents. 

Here's a new innovative invention, the Mighty Mug, patented Smartgrip Technology which resist knocks that avoid spills.

When placed down, Mighty Mug creates a powerful airlock which prevent it from toppling over and when its lifted, the pressure is instantly normalized.

Mighty Mug Features: 

  • Smartgrip Technology grips when you accidentally knock it
  • BPA Free
  • Car Cup Friendly 
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 100% Happiness Guaranteed Policy

Watch it to believe it!

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