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Looking For Halloween Ideas? Get A Sugar Skull Makeup Look In 10 Minutes. Must Watch Video.

Published: 23.10.2014
Reading time: 4 minutes


Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos in spanish) is a mexican holiday observed on October 31, 1 and 2nd November. This holiday is mainly observed in mexico. Day of the dead is about remembering and praying family and friends who have passed on. 

People visit cemeteries to spend sometime with the depated souls; they build altars and bring favorites foods, drinks and memorabilia of the departed to remember the good times. It’s all about remembering the good moments we had with the departed

Halloween and Day of the dead are just around the corner. This short video will walk you through the process of getting that Sugar skull make up look; Its quite impressive. Enjoy

Looking Sugar Skull Shopping Ideas?

Below are some links to some amazing items.

1. Sugar Skull Handbags

2. Sugar Skull Leggings

3. Skull Rings

Credits: RebelsMarket

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