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100-year-old notebook found inside Antarctic's ice

Published: 27.10.2014
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A 100 year old notebook belonging to British explorer George Murray Levick has been found in the ice of Antarctica. 

George Murray Levick, a zoologist, surgeon and photographer, is a part of a 6 man team of Capt. Rober Falcon Scott who are on a polar expedition during 1910 - 1913. They later died in the Antarctic due to extreme weather and starvation.

The notebook was found outside a hut during last year's summer melt. The diary consist of photographs Levick took during 1911 expedition. 


Although the notebook suffered water damage, researchers were able to digitize the page and rebind it for display.

The team's mission was to be the first man to travel to the South Pole but when they reached the South Pole on 17 Jan 1912, they discovered that they have been beaten by the Norwegian team lead by Roald Amundsen, by 33 days.

By then, the team were exhausted and malnourished. Facing extreme weather and low supplies, they died on the way back.

Source: io9

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