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10 Crazy, Quirky, Cool Home Projects in Singapore

Published: 12.09.2014
Reading time: 35 minutes


Think Singaporeans lack imagination? Well, if home designs are reflections of their owners' lifestyles and characters, these 10 projects are proof that Singaporeans are a quirky and colorful bunch.

From the whimsical to the nostalgic, geeky to eclectic, see how our designers take their clients' briefs to create stunning designs that are stylistic manifestations of their personalities.

Interior Designer: The Association 
Location: Punggol Walk (HDB) 
Cost: $45,000

Cat lovers, rejoice! Multiple shelves and ledges adorn the walls and a floor-to-ceiling scratch post was built specially for the owners' furkid. This is a cat haven like no other.

Interior Designer: Dan's Workshop 
Location: Rivervale Crescent (HDB) 
Cost: $70,000

This apartment is sure to bring on a geekgasm for any comic aficionado. Dan's Workshop created a fun and modern design to bring out his client's inner child, without it looking like a kid's playground.

Interior Designer: Design Channel 
Location: Hougang (HDB)

Are we on the set of Growing Up? Did we just get transported through the time tunnel? We can't help but feel more than a tinge of nostalgia at the sight of this interior that takes us back to the days of orange payphones and kerosene lamps.

Interior Designer: DHOME STUDIO 
Location: Jurong East (HDB) 
Cost: $80,000

These owners love Mickey so much that they weren't satisfied with just a plush toy, and had to theme an entire apartment around him. The whimsical design is a great reflection of their love for the cartoon character.

Interior Designer: FSI 
Location: Hoy Fatt Road (HDB) 
Cost: $45,000

Bright colors, polka-dotted feature wall and pop art bring out the quirkiness of its homeowners. Being surrounded by such happy colours will ensure it is hard for them to feel down!

Interior Designer: Icon Interior Design 
Location: Lorong Ah Soo (HDB) 
Cost: $80,000

Feel a wave of calmness wash over you when you enter this beautiful apartment in Lorong Ah Soo. Icon Interior brought the Maldives into this ocean-themed home so that its owners will feel like they're on a relaxing beach holiday 24/7.

Interior Designer: Prozfile 
Location: Canberra Residences (Condo) 
Cost: $40,000

Raw, industrial elements convey a down-to-earth sensibility, while the furniture and accessories accentuate the wanderlust of the traveler owners of this apartment in Canberra Residence.

Interior Designer: Space Sense 
Location: Hougang (HDB) 
Cost: $90,000

Cosy reading corners are tucked away in this apartment accented with brightly coloured furniture. The Lego bookshelf makes a good conversation piece, not to mention a good distraction for its owners who can rearrange the pieces to create new shapes.

Interior Designer: three-d conceptwerke 
Location: Edgefield Plains (HDB) 
Cost: $80,000

This quirky, eclectic house is a perfect blend of the old-school and modern, the cool and the quaint. Witness vintage furnishings and accessories that actually click with the contemporary look. How could something that sounds so wrong look so right?

Interior Designer: The Design Ministry 
Location: East Coast Road (Condo) 
Cost: $80,000

The spacious apartment is a contrast of the raw and polished, urban and safari, charming and sophisticated. A modern eclectic apartment that infuses different elements, reflecting the different interests of its owner.

As the saying goes, different strokes for different folks. You too can piece together your own ideas for a look that's unconventional and stays far away from the generic. Simply create an idea book with our app and save the images that you would like to wake up to every morning.

Get started on your home remodeling journey now!

Source: Qanvast

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