This Guy Has Perfected The Art Of The “Couples Selfie” Without Even Having A Girlfriend


Keisuke Jinushi was so fed up with seeing couples taking romantic selfies together that he decided to start a blog that taught singles how to take pictures with imaginary girlfriends. He calls the practice the “hitori date” (one-man date) and it involves a tripod, camera and some pretty nifty ideas on how to fake it ’til you make it. Jinushi’s photos aren’t just a way to pretend he has a partner, but taking these selfies also help him step out of his comfort zone and do something completely out of the ordinary.

Despite the couples selfies, Jinushi insists people shouldn’t be ashamed of being single. “Rather,” he says, “you should be puffed up with pride and say, ‘Yes I am on my own.'” Keisuke Jinushi is always up to something new and unique, too—check out his blog here.

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