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They're Ex For A Reason: 6 Simple Reasons

Published: 16.09.2014
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You just broke up recently and you're feeling dilemma if you should go back to your EX. There's only two choice in this scenario. One is to look back, another to move forward. These are some of the reason why looking back is not a good choice.

#1 A Part Doesn't Match.

You will not realise this during your honeymoon period. The longer you get together, the more you will realise that a part of both doesn't match. Some couples use the two simple ways to solve this scenario, either they change or they compromise. If you're reading this article now, it's too late.

#2 Friends

These people are the ones who grow up with you. You can't totally ignore them because they play a part in your life. Every break-up they will be there for you and they understand how you feel. In this scenario, it's either you hate his/her friends or they hate you. Some couples try to meet their friends separately but this is usually not the long term solution.

#3 Family

These people are very important, very similar to your "friends scenario" If your family doesn't like him/her, you can try to get both parties to interact more and hopefully one day they will like each other. If this ever work, why so many end up breaking up instead of marriage?

#4 Work is Too Important

Your work or their work is important because it's the source of income but spending too much time on work cause the relationship to drift. If this is something persistence, it can be the best reason why you should never go back to him/her. Because they don't respect your time, they only care for theirs. 

#5 One can't Satisfy another

No one is perfect, everyone has a different satisfactory level. To Satisfy each other is important.
Be it monetary, Sex performance or emotionally, there is a part that you just can't satisfy her/him. It could be another way round and you just feel that it's unfair that your needs aren't met. 

#6 Not done with the EX

This should be the last reason you should worry about. If you or your partner is still not done with the EX, don't need to think twice... Move forward will be your choice. 

Share this articles with your friends who are feeling dilemma to decide.

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