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The "Identical" Twins

Published: 20.09.2014
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Lucy and Anna have spent thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to ensure they look exactly the same as each other. The way the dress, eat, make up and even date are the same. 

Since birth, identical twins, Lucy and Anna DeCinque have been inseparable and they have always looked alike but as they grew older, they went on further with plastic surgery to ensure that they look perfectly like each other.


The twins lived and grew up in Perth, Australia all their life. They are rarely seen apart. They attended the same school since nursery to college. 

They have an extensive collection of identical outfits as they only wear every outfit once.  

The twins share the same job, car, plastic surgeries, AND they even date the same man, who is the electrical mechanic Ben Byrne! The trio say, their romantic relationship is "not weird" to them and they share the same bed.

Their boyfriend, Byrne commented that it's his first time with having two girlfriends at the same time, and it's difficult because the twins demand that his affection be 100% even between them.


The girls take pride in applying makeup perfectly in sync so they look exactly the same. They also undertake an extensive joint beauty regime and identical diet and exercise routine to maintain appearances. When their dad, Luigi who died in 2010 was alive he struggled to tell them apart, he would say, "Which one are you?"

Today at age 28 y/o Anna and Lucy live at home with their mother, and spend every waking moment together, and every sleeping moment too, as they share a bed.

Although they admit to sometimes arguing, they claimed their bond has grown as they've gotten older. While the girls have been warned that their extreme closeness could lead to serious problems in the future, especially if one decides to get married and move away or if one of them dies, the twins remain unfazed.

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