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The 3 men that every girl dates

Published: 02.09.2014
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Putting together a love-themed fiction issue this summer had us asking ourselves questions about what exactly makes a story a love story, and thinking back to other memorable love stories from the past decade or two. Second, there must be some obstacle to the love—or else there’s love but no story. Nevertheless, there is always a few stories worth mention.

#1. The Sweet one, The Right one but Wrong time

He is the sweetest of all. he'd bring you to the ice cream store. he's the one who will write you a long love letter. He's the one who will think of ways to get your number at school. He is the most childish yet adorable one who won your heart. You can call him nerd or stupid but he's the most truthful one. He's the one who stole all your first times. - Your first kiss, your first date, your first hold hand, your first couple t-shirt, your first hug.

He's also the first you lose, your first heart pain not because you didn't love him or you had someone else. But life is always growing and growing up means changing. Change of perceptions, change of taste, change of palm size that doesn't fits anymore. The sweet one - Your first truthful lover, your first heartbreak.

#2. The Real one, The Right one and the Right time

The Stranger that turn into your best-friend-forever but didn't last forever. He's the one that explains to you why did everything happened. He's the one who made you realize some things just won't work out. He's the one who made all your past stories worthwhile.

He's the one who send you home after movie in the crowded bus. he's the one who held your hand when you feel cold and only let go when you're home safe. He loves to date you at home, watching television or baking. He will only choose your favorite channels and cookies. He won't even bother watching his favorite Chelsea soccer team playing. He's the one you cuddle when the air-conditional is accidentally switch to 16 degrees. He's so proud of you, he bring you to all his social events. Even when you're in bed without make up, he still feels that you look as hot as Megan Fox. He's the one you grow up with.

Unlike The Sweet one, he knows you inside out. You can always lean on his shoulder when you need. He's got a pair of ear to listen to your ranting. A hand that you can always reach out to. You will be so proud of him as well, bring him home like a battle trophy to show your parents. He's as protective as your dad, as irritating as your brother and naggy like your mum.  

#3. The Practical one – The wrong one but the right time

If you are the girl who grow up with "the real one" and got married, you can stop here. You will never know who is the Practical one. But if you're curious, read on.... He's the one who work hard for his career. He's financially independent and stable. He's the one who wakes up donned in tux and suitcase. He will buy you good meal and practical presents.
He will not surprise you as much as the real one did. He will not excite you like the sweet one did. He may not be as handsome, fun or passionate but for once you can worry less about growing up. 

At this point, you realized it's right time for marriage. Somehow you recognize that with all these practical things you are getting, love is partly missing. Although love alone isn't sufficient to sustain a relationship, but it cannot be missing most of the time.
By the time you meet the practical one, you’ve gone through sufficient heartbreaks to want to be spared another. so this is the hardest part of all, when you need to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with the practical one. 

Many people feels that finding the true love is the most important part but having them at the right time is very important as well. We all have different expectations and dreams in life, balancing them is very important as well.

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