8 Ways To Stay Faithful To Someone You Love In The Hook-Up Culture


Despite what most people seem to think, falling in love does not guarantee
loyalty – from either party.
 Falling in love doesn’t even guarantee staying in love, so even if the apple
of your eye […]

15 Things You Should Stop Saying To Girls With Tattoos


I’m not sure if you’re saying girls with tattoos are less pretty, or…?
(And I think my tattoos are pretty, and they make me feel pretty,
which is more than I can say for your […]

10 obvious sign a guy is flirting with you


Ever wonder if that nice guy is flirting with you? There are a few proven ways
that can tell you if he is interested in you. While it’s difficult to read body
language at times, […]

15 Arguments No Guy Has Ever Won Against His Girlfriend (And Never Will)


Being in a relationship isn’t all holding hands and rainbows and consistent 
intimacy. There comes a time, every so often, when a couple butts heads,
which is exactly why they invented make-up sex.
As much as […]

The 10 Habits Of Happy Couples As Told By A Psychiatrist. #7 Is A Must Do For Everyone.

HAPPY couples: 10 habits


Dr. Mark Goulston is psychiatrist, international speaker, and best selling
author. He also happens to be an avid blogger. His post 10 Habits of Happy
Couples, has been read […]

10 things you will learn When You’re In A Good Relationship.

A Good Relationship


we all had serious relationships before meeting our last one.
Some last a few years and some last for few months. we thought we
knew how to be a great girlfriend / boyfriend. Meeting someone we had a […]

10 Toxic Relationships you should avoid #5 you have to read


“Any failed relationships hurt, but letting go of a toxic relationship is not a loss instead a gain.”


We learn about sex education in grade school, the legality of […]

The 5 types of bridesmaid every bride needs



They’re your right hand women, your rocks and the shoulders you might cry on at
some point during the wedding planning process. Of course, we’re talking about
your bridesmaids! While there’s no real formula […]