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Published: 20.10.2014
Betrayed by the One I Loved: 12 True Stories of Cheating
Cheating is one of the worst things that can happen to you in a relationship. Whether or not you choose to stay with someone who cheated on you, one thing is for sure: The relationship irrevocably changes. Usually for the worse. Getting cheated on is one ...
Published: 16.10.2014
Difference Between Men and Women in pictures (Part 2)
Ever try to understand what's the difference between Men and Women ? These are some simple yet very true pictures that explains. Disclaimer: If you are easily offended, do not open content. For the rest, Let's enjoy!   1. Taking a picure 2. ...
Published: 11.10.2014
How to signal to men that you are interested in him
Men need a clear signal to know its okay to approach you as they get rejected often by women.It will be best if women can give a clear signal to encourage men to approach you.Here are some tips which can show that you are interested in him: 1. Smile and ...
Published: 07.10.2014
Top 8 Exciting Places Singaporean Have their Sexy Time
Where is your most exciting venue for your sexy time? We all have different experience but these are some of the top places we have gathered. Let's Find out... #1 The Staircases or CorridorsThis may be a little crazy but this is exciting. This will be ...
Published: 07.10.2014
5 Important Reasons Why You Should Live Together Before Marriage
This is a very good article to read by Mona Lisa Macalino :I'm engaged to a man I have been living with for the past four years, and we're doing just fine.After reading a recent study in Glamour which reexamined the long-propagated myth ...
Published: 05.10.2014
Dating Techniques - Science of Attraction
This video shows a series of test how men and women are attracted to each other. The video also shows how different dating techniques work on different people. There are a wide range of self help books and courses on offer claiming to be the ultimate ...
Published: 03.10.2014
5 Myths of Recovery After Your Break Up
We’ve all been in that horrible place when a relationship comes to an end. It can be painful and difficult as you struggle not only with your feelings of loss, but also with the pragmatic void the end of this relationship leaves in your ...
Published: 30.09.2014
Compromising in a relationship
For a relationship to be consider successful, one should look for someone who "completes you". This is what people mean when they talk about their "Mr or Ms Right", but in the real world there are many times that involved a lot of give and take. Both party ...