How to signal to men that you are interested in him


Men need a clear signal to know its okay to approach you as they get rejected often by women.
It will be best if women can give a clear signal to encourage men to approach you.
Here are some tips which can show that you are interested in him:

1. Smile and make eye contact with him for 5 seconds
By smiling and keeping your eye contact with him, you are letting him know that you are giving your attention to him and it is a signal to show you are interested.

2. Ask questions
You can get his attention by asking questions. Keep the conversation going, this way he will know you are interested in talking to him. Some examples are asking him about his day, asking him to recommend thing he’s drinking or places to hangout.

3. Listen
Some men may express their interest differently, hence its important to listen carefully and pick up clues on whether he’s into you.

4.Be Mischievous
Tell him a joke and laugh about it together. Tease him and touch him playfully on the arm or shoulder.
Laughing can help each other to relax together.

5. Get him to ask you out
Find out if he is interested in you. Talk about upcoming events that you are keen on. Common interests can be your advantage here. Example, your favorite band is having a concert. Let him know you are keen on catching that concert but lack of a partner.

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