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9 Simple and romantic ideas we can do for our lover.

Published: 18.08.2014
Reading time: 14 minutes


In this modern world, many think that monetary satisfactory is mandatory or rather the norm.
Never forget that we came from a poor culture till we evolve into the society that we are now..
Often we forget about the simplicity we used to have, the romantic moments we shared.
Here are some ideas to melt your lover.

#1 The "true or dare" game
Remember this game when we play it during high school trying to dig out the deepest secret of your buddies?
This is to understand each other more.
With the "dare" action in the game makes it more exciting.

#2 Make a Trending Youtube video
Be it if you are making this video for them or together, it doesn't matter.
This Video can be stupid or meaningless, as long as your enjoyed the process, that is the most important part.
You will never know if you and your partner may become the next "Youtube Star Lover"

#3 The Romantic movie
Lazy to dress up and head out for a movie?
You can tidy up your living room, rent a romantic movie from the near by store.
Snuggle up, spend your lazy day together on the sofa.

#4 "I massage you, You massage me"
Show appreciation to your lover when you see them.
Give them a back or foot massage after their hard work in the office can make them feel loved.
During the weekend, learn the professional way to give them some oil massage.
I bet that will be the best weekend they will enjoy.

#5 The special Love letters.
This may sound a little old fashion.
Apart from all the daily e-mails we are reading,
we will like to read something different. You can write a poem or a story?
As long as it does mean something to both of you, even a single word on the letter is good enough.

#6 Mess up the Kitchen together
You don't need to be a 5-star hotel chef to cook.
Spend the time together shopping at the super-market for ingredients.
Planning the menu together and getting the cold dish ready.
Hugging each other while stirring your oily fried-rice,
over cooked your chicken chop while fighting with each other with pots and pans.
All these can be really romantic if you know how to handle it.

#7 Art and Craft "Photobook"
All the Selfie and happy moment together, what is the best way to store them?
Print them out and cut them into nice shape and paste it into a big book
Unless you're telling me you don't really take pictures?, you will have lots of work to do.
Trust me, you will feel very satisfied when you see the end product.
Your partner will love it when they see it.

#8 The Surprises.
Surprises don't need to be those "proposal kind" of surprises.
As long as you can do something that she didn't expect you to do, that is surprise.
But please do be wise and not scare the shit out of her, else she will never forget or forgive you, HAHA

#9 Swimming in the Bathtub.
Don't dare to swim in the big Swimming pool?
Get your first free-trial lesson in the Bathtub, ask your partner to coach you.
Remember to get some yellow ducks from the ebay, they do help you float in a way.
The After swimming activities in the tub?, Unknown... up to your desire. 🙂

The small little things we do in our daily love life does matter.
Never ever miss out the small details, or you never enjoy your time with her/him
"All the small coins we have now, can one day add up to a great value"

Any more great ideas? please share with me below the comment box.

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