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75% of the Women Prefer Men with Big Bellies, Research Shows-(VIDEO)

Published: 18.09.2014
Reading time: 4 minutes


A new study says that women prefer men with big bellies and why? 

According to a recent study Three out of four women say they'd rather have a man who can handle love properly than just having six packs. These stats are the result of a study commissioned to mark the DVD release of Bad Neighbours, a film featuring numerous shirtless scenes of actors Seth Rogen (in the flab corner) and Zac Effron (in the abs).

Almost 100 percent of the women surveyed said men with beer bellies have better personalities than those with a good body. Some women also state that having sex with "6 pack" muscular man make them stress. 

"A he-man’s discipline highlights our lack of it, making us feel even more acutely self-conscious of our own body flaws than usual."

Watch this video. This man put on a suit to make himself look like an overweight man. Then, he went out and tried asking girls out on dates. Watch the video to see the results. Be sure to catch what he says at the end! 

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