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6 Important Notes for Couples

Published: 14.09.2014
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Ever wonder why your relationships are not working out? You may left out the details in one of these 6 notes. You may be deeply in love and nothing could break this bond, but trust me, after reading this article you may want to readjust some of your thoughts and actions.

#1 Taking over each other's role

"I'm always the one protecting you from any harm, I need someone to protect me as well"

You may think that the ladies should always be the one always cooking and washing. If you are still thinking that way, it's time to adjust. In this Modern world, A relationship means a lot more than just playing your own roles well. Have you ever encounter people taking leave in your office and you need to cover them? This is the same, if your partner is always doing the same thing, they will feel tired. Once in awhile you can take over their role and let them have a break. "My dear, tonight let's swap roles. I will drive you for dinner and it's on me, you will just sit and stay handsome."

#2 Who should be the "First to know"

Having some problem at work? Boss is cutting your pay due to your lack of performance? You may think that a small cut on your pay is not a big deal but to your partner, they want to be the first to know. If you have a Cancer, they want to be the first to know. Even if you are literately dying at this moment, they want to be the first to know no matter how you do it. They want to know it first not because they want to irritate you but they to feel important and know what they can do for you.

Most people want to know everything, but whether they can handle the truth is another thing. Whether to tell your partner about everything is your choice, but make sure you know what kind of partner you have before deciding.

#3 Knowing who is your number one

This is very important, you can say that you, yourself is the number one in your life but always remember that you and your partner should always co exist as number.

I had this conversation with my dad once, he said that he is the one that will spend the first half of my life as the most important person, "the number 1 in my life". Once i'm married to my husband, My number 1 in life will need to be change.
"If you ever love someone so much, You need to be prepared to let go of that person one day"

My dad mentioned that he had the deserved time to be my number 1. I have to stay committed to my husband from the day we're married, that is also the reason why some parents cry when they hand over their children.

#4 Men think twice and woman feel twice

Sometimes arguments start this way, 
Man: I don't think there's anything wrong in here?
Woman: Have you ever thought about my feelings?

What you can do, every time when you quarrel, the guys better ask yourself "how is she feeling?"
For the ladies you better start thinking if your man had really did something wrong or you're just too sensitive on this situation.
After while, both will compromised to this and it'll improve the communication and bonding in the relationship.

#5 Insecurities 

Feeling insecure can change a person dramatically. What i have learn these years is that it's better to prevent than to solve it when it already happened. Your partner can feel insecure even with the smallest things like a text message with your colleague. So to prevent this you can always make sure that your phone is available for your partner to see/check. 

This is a small price to pay, but i believe your partner is more important than your privacy. What i always do is that i don't hide anything from him unless it's a surprise for him.

#6 How we receive love is different

As we know, different people receive love differently, My best friend Introduced me a good read "The 5 language of love" it's a book written by Gary Chapman how we can express our love in 5 ways. 
Some lovers want their partner to Show them love in the words of Affirmation like "I love you" , " I miss you" , "you're the best thing i ever had". 
Some will want to receive love in terms of gifts, weather if it's practical or some soft toys, depends on your partner.
Some feels that Action speaks louder than words, if you love him/her you have to show it in action.

Some wants to spend quality time with you, even if it's just sitting in Starbucks Cafe and chit chatting about anything in this world, that will mean quality of time, at least you know each other better.
Some wants to you to be physically present, which means that your kisses and hugs does mean a lot in the relationship.

Like my relationship, he wants to see me putting efforts in everything. You may not be the best but your effort is more important, that will fall under "Action speaks louder than words"

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