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6 DIE HARD reasons why you must never go back to a cheater. read the last #6

Published: 18.08.2014
Reading time: 12 minutes


Thinking if you should go back to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend after
they came apologizing for their mistakes? Stuck in dilemma between feelings and truth?
Read through all the 6 points and if you start thinking throughout the night, DO NOT GO BACK.

#1 They haven't been loving you enough

Have you ever wonder if these cheaters had ever love you enough?
Have you been to a club? Do you know who are
the people they include under the priority guest list? If that list doesn't
contain your name, they probably did not love you enough.
This truth is hard to be accepted, but it's one of the best reason not to go back.

#2 It's totally unfair for you

Please start giving yourself some fair judgments, because you deserve it.
you probably think that everyone deserve a second chance. But
remember this, you do not deserve the second chance to get hurt again. It's
unfair to yourself to forgive someone who has a choice and yet choose to cheat
on you again.

#3 They will do the same thing

A leopard doesn't change its spots, this idioms says it all.
If you still do not understand, "It means something
that you say which means that a person's character, especially if it is bad,
will not change, even if they pretend it has I doubt very much that marriage
will change Joseph for the better."
Credits to: Cambridge

#4 You will never trust them again

Every time when it comes to trust issues... you will be in dilemma.
If they tell you that they are going for grocery shopping, probably
you will think that they are buying condoms and have sex with someone else.  Do
you really want to worry all the time because of trust issue?

#5 Everything will be different after having sex
The memories always stay. Everything you do together will be affected.
You will not love him as much as before. Every time you dine with
him/her, you will be thinking if he had bought that person here before. 
Every time you have sex, you will imagine your Boyfriend/Girlfriend with some others.

#6 It's too dangerous

Do you know that people keep their enemy close so that they will
understand their weakness better? Your ex probably know where they have gone
wrong in cheating you, They will master all their flaws and strike again. This
may sound scary and complicated but it did happened to many of us before.

If you miss the past very much, we suggest you start having your social life back.
Start giving other hunks or babes a chance to brighten up your life. You never
know, the next moment you will be happily married. Cheers!

"A thousand trees in the woods, give the rest a chance but not the one that had fallen on you."
"Always give yourself a chance to lead a better life, not going back to the past with bad experience.." 

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