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10 Common dating mistakes Man make

Published: 27.09.2014
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It is not a surprising fact that Men make lots of mistake when dating as what works with one girl, doesn't mean it will work with another. Every situation is different but there are some common made mistake that should be prevented before you still stand a chance. So what are the common mistakes that you have been making?

1. Arrogance
Bragging and boasting about your exploits, 
achievements, successes, popularity and possessions
only makes a woman think you are a fool. 
How do you know she isn't more talented than you, she probably is.

2.Flashing your cash
Do not assumed you are Mr. Rich unless you truly are. And if you are, a woman loves understated class and style, not a man who insists she drinks Crystal champagne by the bucketload and drives with him in a Ferrari to the supermarket. Ironically, being flash means you are more likely to remain single. You can sleep with your money instead.

3.Telling her you understand women
You don't and you won't and probably never will. So trying to emphasize should be treated with caution. 
She wants a man not another gay best-friend.

4. Getting your humor wrong
What may sounds funny to you, may not be funny to her. She may not be on the same wavelength yet and may not think you are as funny as what you are. So keep the cold jokes to yourself until the both of your are more open up to each other.

5. Not listening to her
Pay attention to what she is saying because she may be dropping leads for you to the path of her heart. And if you are the one who is constantly talking, give her a chance to speak up too. Let her tell you about her day, what she likes and not.

6. Assuming you are so attractive
By all means love yourself before anyone else does, but vanity in men stinks. Good looking does not mean being sexy or attractive. If you are popular with the girls, let her work that out for herself.

7. Talking about your ex-girlfriend in a bad way
One day she may be your ex and she gonna get a preview of how you may talk about her to her replacement. It just show her what kind of a person you are. 

8. Revealing too much too soon
Do not open yourself up like an open book. Where is the mystery in that. She wants to not know what you're thinking but she wants to guess. She wants the challenge of finding out and making you hers, not being handed everything on a plate so that she knows every last detail about you. So keep quiet.

9. Looking at other women when you are with her (and get caught)
There is seriously nothing more unattractive than a man who checks out the competition whilst she is sitting opposite. Leave your glances at other girls until when she is well out of sight and not before.

10. Talking about sex.
This just shows how desperate you are. For women sex is subtle and comes in many form and guises, so start learning about what she wants and try.

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